Neighbouring Rights Collection - a service by Off Limits

About us is a website powered and run by Off Limits Rights.
The collection of neighbouring rights is a service provided to selected performers / artists.

Off Limits is in the business of neighbouring rights collection since 1995, and has now an extended network of direct reationships with all the major collection societies worldwide.
We can collect directly in all the biggest music market, and have a proactive relationship with the local collection societies.

We are currently providing this service to artists such as Benny Benassi, Benassi Bros, Merk & Kremont, Sabrina Salerno, Gazebo, In-Grid, Ann Lee, Congorock, Andrea Griminelli and Jenny B to name a few.

Drop a mail to get in touch with Off Limits about neighbouring rights:

Off Limits is the leading dance music production company based in Italy, with global hits and world-reknown songs in her recent past.
Recently Off Limits restructured to a new-label model and is now providing its services (neighbouring rights collection, publishing, sync services, management, digital distribution) to artist and labels.